Metals Management

Hamton Metals Management Ltd is the sister company of Hamton Environmental Services Ltd. We operate complete metals management service which can be tailored around each of our client’s requirements.

We can provide site based labour, management and logistics equipment so that our clients can get on with their regular business and we can concentrate on recovering their scrap metal in the best most environmentally friendly means possible.

We have 15 years of experience in baling, shredding, briquetting and in designing and installing automatic systems. We are the only company that owns and operates it own equipment in this way.

Our online trading site we can auction clients scrap metal on their behalf and ensure that their metals are providing the best possible return.


Turnkey Projects

At the highest level we can offer a complete turnkey service designing all necessary equipment, purchasing and installing the systems and producing reprocessed scrap metals on our client’s sites.

We do this all within fixed period contract where all capital investment is made by Hamton and recovered over an agreed contract period. Our team of in house service engineers maintain and support all Hamton installations.

We currently operate the largest site based metals recovery process in Europe inside one of our blue chip automotive clients where we recover and reprocess all metal swarf arising from more than a million engines a year. We process, separate, drain, crush and briquette thousands of tonnes of aluminium, steel and cast iron and manage the process entirely to the point of sale.


We are also able to offer machines and systems to smaller companies with the same problems but on a smaller scale. Our clients can be assured that our wealth of experience in these operations that we can offer effective tried and tested solutions.


Sales & Auctioning

Our online platform site we can auction clients scrap metal on their behalf and ensure that their metals are providing the best possible return.

This unique auction platform allows clients to set up secure tenders by sealed bid, hurdle rate sealed bids, non reserve auctions or auctions with reserve.

Our platform allows up to 40 interested parties to bid for your scrap metal and ensures that the bid process is secure and safe.

Our clients can view live auctions happening in real time for their commodities from any pc with a broadband connection.

You can be sure that your scrap is tendered fairly and that buyers will genuinely compete for your scrap metal and that means better returns.