Help Desk

Concierge Reception

In addition to a friendly, professional greeting face-to-face and on the telephone, our thoroughly trained and well-dressed staff provide a whole range of key ‘first impression’ and admin services.

Our reception teams provide you with a flexible and efficient front line who can deal with all the essential administration of meet and greet, visitor passes, maintaining visitor & contractor records and site inductions. We make sure that your visitors receive both courtesy and an efficient service in keeping with your company visitor and contractor policy.

We manage room bookings, meeting notices, visual aids and porterage to ensure that meetings take place with the right people at the right time. We can manage pool cars, car hire, taxi bookings and airport transfers and hotel bookings for you.

Operational Help Desk

Our Operational Help Desk capability provides clients with a fully integrated support hub around the clock, 365 days a year. We can integrate with your in-house Asset management and PPM systems dealing with fault reporting, tracking, work ticketing and response logging against incidents. We are trained in the main industry CAFM systems including IBM Maximo and SAP. We also have our own software team and can produce specific packages to meet your needs.

We offer a range of services from 365 day 24-hour site manned operations to off-site services and call out response tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contract Purchasing

Managing the whole cycle

Many of our clients ask us to manage and support elements of their purchasing function. 

This often involves ad hoc purchasing, the administration of AMEX, and market testing service elements and routinely bought products. We are also equipped and ready to set up and run complex more purchasing functions. 

In practise this means hiring and providing fleet vehicles, buying building services and maintenance materials or the hiring of capital plant. It can also include the selection and competitive tendering of specialist services or the novation and management of already established contracts.

In contrast, we also offer efficient asset disposal through online auction, enabling us to create a healthy revenue source through the sale of equipment. This encompasses all kinds of assets, such as vehicles, waste and scrap metals and stock.

2nd Tier Contract Management

Taking the weight off clients shoulders

Our clients’ management teams aim to dedicate maximum energy and time to their core business, so they need a trusted partner to manage the routine, everyday elements.

At Hamton we frequently take over or commission all kinds of service contracts. Where there’s a portfolio of established services or supply contracts, we’re happy to take control of management responsibility. Sometimes, because of warranty issues, safety demands or single source restrictions, orders are pre-designated and can’t be changed. We take on the administration and management of these contracts, from Safety, Quality and Delivery, to Cost and Environment.

We bring a range of benefits and advantages to the management of these areas. The admin cost base will be lower, and in the longer term, control and future costs will also be improved. Wherever possible, we aim to simplify and streamline contracts where numerous providers are delivering the same services – always without compromising efficiency and quality.

Mail & Postal Services

Sorted, secure, delivered

Hamton Mailing and Postal Services is the failsafe choice for internal and external mail. From routine internal mail collection and delivery, to efficient, fast courier delivery using our own vehicles or agents, we have the resources, the knowledge and the experience.

In the post room, our management expertise includes sorting and preparation, x-ray screening, weighing, franking and collation. We also run specialist courier contracts from our mailrooms to all the main companies such as TNT, UPS and Post Office Parcel Post. As you would expect, we choose people for these services with great care. Trustworthiness and rigorous training in specialist systems and security are vital.

Porter Service

Hands on support when it's needed

For many of our corporate clients, our Porter Service has become an indispensable team: an extension of the business. It gives them the freedom to make local layout changes or staff movements easily and swiftly, with minimal disruption. This is especially important in large, heavily occupied buildings where good use of space and the efficient location of staff are key.

Our porters are selected and trained to provide so much more than moving skills. They are ready and equipped to help with a range of extra support, such as light maintenance, car cleaning or escorting visitors. We understand that porters are important in a busy environment, fulfilling all kinds of useful tasks reliably and without fuss. Trust is the key.

Building Maintenance

Professionalism comes as standard

Our Building Maintenance capability can operate as a part of a larger Facilities Management package or stand alone as a discrete contract.

Our experienced teams can provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services plus a host of associated skills to support your requirements in static site or mobile format. Working across industry, automotive, commerce, the heath sector and public bodies we have a wide and diverse capability.

We can provide Fixed site contracts with dedicated teams, mobile periodic support and reactive and call out teams capable of dealing with complex issues.

We provide both maintenance and upgrade services as well as replacement asset installation services and special project works.

With a national coverage we support large multi-site contracts all managed from a central point and tied into your asset management system.

Our services include

  • Electrical Systems LV, HV and Substation plus support generators and UPS systems
  • Internal and External lighting
  • Fixed wiring and mobile electrical testing
  • HVAC systems from comfort air conditioning, VRV systems, cabinet cooling and chiller systems
  • Underground services excavation and repair
  • Factory heating boilers, pressurised steam systems, gas fired, and water fed systems
  • Sprinkler systems including infrastructure and fire pump testing and maintenance
  • Large boiler systems and incinerators
  • Process and domestic water systems management and safety
  • Security barriers, turnstiles and access control systems
  • Overhead cranes, ramps and lifting systems
  • Passenger Lifts and Escalators

Building Repairs and Fabric Maintenance

Looking after your workplace

Hamton’s wide ranging civil and structural engineering capability provides a sound base for all kinds of building repair and maintenance. We can provide dedicated teams or visiting repair services. Many of our clients have outsourced their building and maintenance directly to Hamton allowing them to focus on their core business.

  • Office and factory fabric maintenance, partitions, ceilings, décor and restoration
  • Carpentry, fire doors, office partitioning
  • Factory industrial flooring systems
  • Concrete inspection, repair and reinstatement
  • Asbestos inspection, containment and safe removal
  • Excavation of services, repair and replacement
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Building safety systems and lightning conductors
  • Hard landscaping
  • Road and tarmac repairs
  • Site handyman

Combined Mechanical & Electrical

Hamton operates a combined mechanical electrical service either as a part of a combined service contract or as a stand alone operation for clients as required.

Our Combined M&E based services are a distinct grouping of our combined M&E capability:

• Light Construction
• Electrical Works
• Lift Maintenance
• Roof Repairs

With a combined M&E service our clients are able to outsource their maintenance activities within a specific area such as fabric repairs or across the whole maintenance operation including full responsibility for production or facility upkeep.

This area of our business my be best regarded as the Hard FM side of our business and can encompass both directly performed contracts and the management of second tier operations specified by the client.

Electrical Contracts

Hamton can offer an integrated capability within any service contract to provide electrical contracting and maintenance operation or alternatively provide it as a stand alone service. Our client’s requirements vary from statutory testing, lighting maintenance or ad hoc repairs to fully self contained service operations on their sites.

In almost every case Hamton are able to offer integrated solutions to clients looking to improve service with cost effective outsourced solutions.

Hamton has recently extended its Electrical Contracting capability with the formation of HMT Electrical Services. HMT is a separate company specialising in larger scale installation and project works. Through HMT we are able to support large turnkey installations through to cabling or stand alone plc control systems.


Hamton operates three levels of roofing service for its clients.

• Integrated care
• Site based reactive maintenance
• Project or ad-hoc services

Our integrated care capability involves a proactive programme of general upkeep, repair and maintenance to ensure that our client’s roofs are kept in a serviceable and good condition. The service included gutter and down pipe cleaning as well as repairs.

We offer site based reactive maintenance for clients with large sites where roof areas are very large and so full maintenance is not necessarily an affordable option. In this case we use either a mobile team or a permanent site based team to monitor, control and patch so that leaks are minimised. Simple common sense measures such as ensuring that during periods of rain our roofers are inside your building looking for leaks rather than waiting for a call are part of the service.

We are available to quote for any major repairs or replacement programmes and offer a fully a turnkey project managed service.

Lift Maintenance

Our lift maintenance service covers a range of manufacturers equipment both for elevators and escalators.

We find that in many cases our clients have a number of lifts each of which has been installed at a different time and often by a different manufacturer or provider. This means that our clients are in the position of having to operate separate service contracts, separate terms and separate billings.

What Hamton do is to wrap such contracts within one clear and simple structure. Our service managers can take over and novate existing contracts and provide a one stop service with the same conditions and service levels.

Air Conditioning

Hamton’s Air Conditioning and refrigeration maintenance department is able to provide excellent service solution for clients.

Our in house team of mobile engineers are able to take over full maintenance and servicing for a wide range of comfort and industrial air conditioning equipment. We can offer routine servicing or a range of Gold, Silver and Bronze standards for clients so that they can tailor service to their budget and needs.

We couple our in house capability with established partnerships with system manufacturers. This enables us to integrate our service with key specialists required to provide a complete service.

Handyman Service

The Hamton Handyman service is one of those things that once it has been integrated into a contract can become indispensable; having a skilled tradesman, carpenter, fitter available means that for a simple standard charge jobs can be done as they need to be done.

Although this service is a simple concept the effects on both employee morale and the services budget are very positive. Simple things such as broken toilet seats, door handles, leaking plumbing, a broken chair or a draft from a window can all lead to impaired staff performance.

The Hamton Handyman service allows the client to simply report and fix on a fixed budget. Having someone to repaint a wall, change broken tile or repair a door frame means that you don’t need to pay for expensive separate tradesmen. A Hamton Handyman can do it.

Civil & Construction

Hamton Civil & Construction capability is a part of our overall services offering within large service contracts. Whilst we are not engaged at this time in very large civil projects we provide a valuable service where minor construction and ground works are required on a routine basis.

We frequently are required by our clients to provide trenching, dig out and replace sewerage and gas pipes, and to undertake minor demolition and clearance.

Our construction capability included design and build of smaller facilities and typically includes major refurbishments, extensions and the building of workshops, offices and facilities blocks.

Commercial Cleaning

Hamton’s extensive portfolio of services includes Commercial and Office Cleaning. Our clients range between purely commercial and public sector operations through to fully mixed heavy industry and prestige offices.

Irrespective of the nature of our client’s business they require an effective commercial cleaning service to their office environments. This service has to be efficient and unobtrusive.

We purchase good quality equipment and cleaning materials working with our clients to ensure that the products we use are acceptable.

We self audit every location in which we work and provide our clients with regular routine performance reporting.

Hamton run cleaning operations for commerce and industry 24 hours 365 day per year and operate a permanently manned helpdesk for all of its clients.

Industrial & Automotive Cleaning

Hamton’s industrial and automotive cleaning capability is one of the most diverse and comprehensive of any contractor working today.

Our expertise in working in heavy industrial sites from Car Plants, Newsprint Production, Foundries, Power Stations, Food Production, Breweries, Paint Factories, Pharmaceutical Producers and Lead Acid Battery plants is just a selection of the range of experience which Hamton has gained.

We are proud of our excellent safety record over more that 35 years especially as we work in some of the most hazardous environments possible.

Our specialist process cleaning operations are well planned, managed and executed very often in very tight windows of opportunity. We often only have hours to complete some very tough assignments.

We can offer 24 hour 365 cleaning services to industry and are comfortable taking over contracts with upwards of 500 staff.

Feminine Hygiene

Within Hamton’s scope of washroom services we provide feminine hygiene services. We choose in most cases to agree a suitable partner with our clients as we find that in many cases a client will have a preferred supplier they wish us to work with.

Where we are free to do so we have a range of chosen partners with whom we work closely to provide a discrete and effective service.

We can provide all forms of sani vend machines and systems plus other dispensers for essentials.

Disposal units are available in all sizes and types from collective disposal units to mini cubicle bins.

Laundry & Dust Mats

Many of our clients ask us to take over the provision and management of their laundry requirements. This can include, work wear, gloves, towels, and other washable items.

We are able to take over pre existing contracts and to manage the service on behalf of the client or to cost and provide a complete package based on current needs.

Customers requiring work wear can choose from designated stock with individually fitted uniforms with personal lockers or pool stock where a pool of uniforms are provided against the client specification.

Laundry contracts can be paid as a fully inclusive fee spread evenly over a contract period including provision, laundry and repair or a garment/item rental plus charge per launder/repair unit fee.

Hamton will either purchase mats and provide a lift and lay service according to the client needs or provide a contracted service depending on their preference.

We can offer multi site and large contracts with a range of high quality custom logo dust mats for entrance and foyer through to conventional dust mats and oil mats.

In industrial environments we often replace dust mats with oil mats made with cotton fibre which are much more effective in trapping oil and grease.

Grounds Maintenance

Many of Hamton Environmental Services clients have substantial grounds associated with their premises. Hamton provides comprehensive grounds maintenance services to its clients from small local companies up to individual l sites of over 50 acres.

We provide horticultural care, grass cutting, tree management, weed control, pest control and even waterway services. We offer road sweeping, litter picking and security fence clearance to improve perimeter control and rail line treatments.

We are able to plan conservation areas and develop environment plans for client sites to maximise their wildlife potential or to control it.

We can design and install hard landscaping and have undertaken a range of projects which have included park land, wild areas, ornamental gardens, water features and lakes.

Pest Control

Hamton are able to offer a range of pest control and prevention services. We have in house capability and a number of nominated specialist service contractors who are able to deliver consistent standards across the UK.

We try to use green and environmentally sound practices and so use trapping, hawking, egg dipping for water fowl and other effective natural methods to reduce pest problems.

Of course not every pest can be dealt with by such means and so we have a range of effective more conventional methods and process including baiting and trapping.